The Spoils Within the Obra Dinn

By: Steven Chua, Year 13   As the go-to whipping boy for moral guardians, video games have had their fair share of urban legends. There’s supposedly some sort of rage virus implanted into video games

Grad Guidance: Xuanlin Tham

Xuanlin Tham served as the Editor-in-Chief of Winston before graduating to the University of Edinburgh in 2018. Now, we catch up with her as she shares how she’s adjusted to university and life in Scotland.

A Guide To Success In Your IGCSEs

Aidan Curran, Abigail Ngan, Amanda Dee, and Gio Ty share their insight on what it’s like taking each of their optional courses, maintaining a balanced academic and social life, and navigating through the IGCSE final exams. Learn from the best, and you’ll ace the test.

Grad Guidance: Ian and Catherine Kawpeng

Catherine Kawpeng, graduate of 2017 and former managing editor of Winston, and Ian Kawpeng, graduate of 2018 and former head of service learning, share their experiences at The University of Toronto. They provide insight on their academic curriculum, the hurdles they’ve faced and most importantly, what college is like with a sibling.

Yellow Tulips

I open my apartment door eager to see the familiar violet azaleas lining the walkway nearest my apartment building. My lips curl into a smile as I pass by a large bunch of daffodils. I run my fingers across their velvety petals; each touch fills my heart with happiness. However, seeing a cluster of yellow tulips nearby, I tear up. Nostalgia washes over me as these delicate flowers evoke memories of my time with you.

Grad Guidance: Kyla Uy

Kyla Uy served as BSM’s Head of Student Council and Habitat for Humanity President before graduating in 2018. Here, she shares her tips on how to navigate the University of Pennsylvania’s rigorous academic curriculum and the changes she’s made since IB.