TEDxBritishschoolmanila: Generation Next

This year’s TEDx leadership team set about creating a conference entitled “Generation Next,” which aimed to raise awareness towards issues experienced by those a part of generation X. However, with the advent of the coronavirus

Ivan and the Dogs

“I tell that all humans lie. I tell her dogs don’t lie. I tell her that everything is made up by humans. I tell her that humans have made up the past and the future

“The Telephone Station”

By Crissia Po   I saw her outside the telephone station, The place where it all began.  Love transpired beyond my imagination  Changed me, made me a stronger man.   I remembered the first time

The Start of The Decade

The Start of The Decade- Vince Tiu We’re now a month into 2020, and so much has happened – mostly for the worse – through a combination of governments, nature, and plain bad luck. While

Athletes Perspective: ISAC Season 2

Last January 23 to 25, BSM hosted the annual ISAC competition for Boys Football and Girls Basketball. After a tiring 3 days, BSM once again came out as champions for both divisions. Here are the


Taima  Julia Sy    She still dances   My great grandmother is a hundred and one. I call her taima, father’s grandmother in hokkien.    My tribute to Taima was supposed to be an art

Mr Van: An Interview

Last month, Conroy Tan, Seline Kawpeng, and Preston Doll from the Winston team interviewed our new Head of School, Mr. Van der Linde. In the interview, Mr. Van shared his impression of the Philippines, his

The Spoils Within the Obra Dinn

By: Steven Chua, Year 13   As the go-to whipping boy for moral guardians, video games have had their fair share of urban legends. There’s supposedly some sort of rage virus implanted into video games