‘Break the Box’: Behind the Scenes

Photography by Junwen Tham

Interview by Leonardo Di Cosmo


The long-awaited TEDx British School Manila event is almost here! Here, President Amanda Dee shares the challenges, triumphs, and wisdom she and the TEDx team found by organizing this unparalleled event. Don’t miss out!

What makes this event stand out?

This TEDx event, similar to the TED event, shares the motto of ‘ideas worth sharing’. To us at TEDx, we see it as a group of individuals coming together and sharing experiences or ideas which allow one another to strive and to be inspired. These normally come from people who are successful or experts in their field, making it ever so meaningful.

What inspired you guys to run these events?


Before I moved to BSM I frequently attended these type of events, and then when I arrived here I joined the committee. It was satisfying to see the difference these talks had on people of all ages’ lives, and how phenomenally successful these events have become in recent years.


What do you think of the whole experience of organizing this event?


It really is an an honour to be those who are behind the scenes of an event that strives to inspire one other. With such a wonderful team who are passionate in making our event successful, I am excited to see the outcome of all our hard work.


What were the struggles you encountered when organizing the event?


With a team of 38, one of the challenges we faced was having efficient communication. Fortunately, we were able to create a system and safe space for everyone to keep each other in check. Now, all of us openly contribute ideas within and outside our respective committees!


What do you believe is the most rewarding thing you get out of this?


The most rewarding would be to see the audience and even speakers themselves get inspired by one another, hopefully also taking action upon this. It would make all the hard work worth it.


Is there an overall theme to this year’s event? If so, what is it?


The theme for this year’s event is called, ‘Break the Box’. This theme is purposely vague so that the guest speakers, expertise in their fields, can interpret it their own way and show their own perspective on the idea.


What tips would you give people who are trying to organize similar events in the future?


Of course, an event like this requires an immense amount of effort and dedication to run. Each and every member has a significant role to play and great ideas to contribute. Putting your best foot forward, ultimately, you should just embrace and enjoy the process! It really is rewarding as the event comes together!

This year’s TEDx event will take place on the 30th of March, 2019, and is planned to be held in the new VPA building. As the event will only be catered to 100 attendees, make sure to look for the TEDx application form where you will be able to show interest regarding why you want to attend this event and what you hope to get out of it. Check out @TEDxBritishSchoolManila on Facebook or click the link here for future updates.



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