Athletes Perspective: ISAC Season 2

Last January 23 to 25, BSM hosted the annual ISAC competition for Boys Football and Girls Basketball. After a tiring 3 days, BSM once again came out as champions for both divisions. Here are the athletes’ reflections on this event. 


Michael White:

Being one of the youngest players to be picked for the ISAC squad was exciting yet terrifying. Although being able to play in front of the school is cool, I was anxious about going up against opponents who were three years older than me. However, I managed to build up more confidence in training with my peers. Throughout ISAC, I cherished lots of unforgettable memories like wearing crop tops and durags during training and asking random girls to dance with me. Moreover, for every match we played, we grew closer as a team. Although I didn’t play in the Finals, I was happy with my performance as well as my teammates’. After an emotional and well-fought final, we finished the day off by jumping into the pool along with our one and only coach, Mr. Dunstan. Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Dunstan for helping me become the player I am today in such a short period of time. Also, I would like to thank the seniors, Charles Pickering, Will Winter, Zeke Sy, and George Leather for making my first ISAC one to remember. 


Shray Gupta:

As I was the youngest player in the team and the only goalkeeper, the pressure was intense but each game was exhilarating. As we went through the tournament, the team spirit became stronger. Determined to win, we all worked our best. In the end, through a very rough and emotional final, we came out to be the ISAC champions. Everyone in the team was very welcoming, and they made my first ISAC an unforgettable one. One of my favourite memories was when all the BSM ISAC athletes jumped into the pool after winning the finals. Another one of my favourite and most cherished moments was when all of the rookies, including myself, wore crop tops before our semi-final against FIA. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’d like to thank everyone in the team for being very nice and considerate towards me despite my imperfections. I would also like to thank all the coaches and staff who helped set-up the tournament, along with those who came and watched all our games to support us. Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Dunstan for working very hard and coaching us throughout the tournament. He not only helped us become better players, but also more respectful sportsmen. Special thanks to Charles Pickering, Will Winter, Zeke Sy, and George Leather for making this a special experience for me.


Alyanna Sia:

Ever since I began playing basketball in Year 8, the feeling of the leather ball has never felt like such a stranger. Despite the constant training sessions, repetition of plays, and endless laterals and suicide runs, an unfamiliar feeling of pressure struck me. Not once in my life have I ever played basketball for such an important event, and with ISAC being my first, it was indescribably nerve-wracking.


At first, the idea of having the entire BSM community watch the games was overwhelming. But once I stepped foot on court, the constant chants and cheers from the crowd encouraged me to ‘get my head in the game’. I couldn’t have asked for a better rookie experience; I want to thank the best captains, Atasha and Keeva, who always made sure we were ready for anything (with our apple slice picnic on the covered court). I also want to thank Coach Archie, for being my ‘BSM dad’, as well as the students who spent their lunches and breaks cheering for our team. Each and every one of you truly pushed us towards becoming champs!


We wish our athletes luck in the upcoming ISAC competition for Boys Basketball and Girls Football this April! 

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