“The Telephone Station”

By Crissia Po


I saw her outside the telephone station,

The place where it all began. 

Love transpired beyond my imagination 

Changed me, made me a stronger man.


I remembered the first time I met her.

The telephone station was closing for the night –

She clutched a piece of paper,

an oddity in plain sight.


She came over and asked for my help,

A lost look in her haunting blue eyes, 

She passed me the paper with an American number

Cried on the phone, 

broke my heart for the first time.

I patted her back and wiped her falling tears 

I went home, 

her haunting blue eyes

Still lingering in my mind. 


I met her again in a coffee shop  

Serendipity – in the truest sense of the word

She thanked me for my kindness that night

Gave her my number,

Something within me began to stir. 


Chats over coffee, strolls in the city  

Admiring galleries and watching old movies

Opening my eyes to a life beyond my sphere

Lent her an ear, comforted her through every tear 

A friendship ensued, blossomed with each day


She helped me picture the places

I only overheard via the telephone

Through her I realized I could embrace 

The prospect of leaving my comfort zone


Her smile was the sunshine I awaited each day 

Her stories were my window to a world I never knew

Her life was a masterpiece, perfect in every way 

Her love was the strength that guided me through


Falling in love was gradual

My heart beating louder and stronger

Every heartbeat pulling me towards her

A new possibility unfolded before me


Over letters, phone calls, and messages

Our love bloomed in the spring

Finding comfort, love, and strength in each other,

Made numerous memories together, 

Our love could’ve lasted forever.


But the story took a heartbreaking turn

My guiding light flickered and died,

leaving me hopeless inside. 


The last time I saw her 

We met outside the telephone station.

The place where everything started

She apologized, she had to move away 

Despite shattered dreams, 

heartaches throughout the day,

I realized her love made me see

The courage I never thought I had in me.


As the telephone station closed for the night,

I looked back on our love, from beginning to end (or start to finish)

Wherever you may be, hope your future’s ever so bright

Your memory will remain with me, a treasure to cherish.

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