About Us

Winston is the voice of BSM.
Winston has continually pushed the boundaries of school journalism to ever increasing heights. In 2012, Winston rebranded as Winston Magazine, a unique first for BSM. In the same vein, Winston has always strived to provide articles that are entertaining, informative and relevant. By providing a unique student perspective on everything from school events to global current affairs, it has become an invaluable tool for the general school body.
This year, Winston goes digital; another innovation that not only complies with BSM’s green initiative, but also further improves user experience. In the past, publications were far and few between. At their fingertips, students will now have access to numerous weekly articles on everything to do with BSM life. Winston is primarily a publication by students, for students. This ethos has never been truer than in the latest format of Winston. Without physical limitations on the size of publications, Winston can now provide a greater avenue for students to voice their opinions.
– Miguel Ayala & Paco Litonjua (2014)
How Winston Works:
Winston is an online magazine headed by Senior School students; an electronic issue published every two months.

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Current Editorial Team:
Gabby Uy – Editor in Chief
Kaylee Hartigan-Go – Managing Editor
Patrick Kho – Senior Editor
Arianna Borromeo – Art Director
Chloe Siy-Yap – Marketing Director
Junwen Tham – Photography Director
Sophia Almendral – Creative Team Manager
Christina Rama & Anno Ver – Video Director