TEDxBritishschoolmanila: Generation Next

This year’s TEDx leadership team set about creating a conference entitled “Generation Next,” which aimed to raise awareness towards issues experienced by those a part of generation X. However, with the advent of the coronavirus

Ivan and the Dogs

“I tell that all humans lie. I tell her dogs don’t lie. I tell her that everything is made up by humans. I tell her that humans have made up the past and the future

Athletes Perspective: ISAC Season 2

Last January 23 to 25, BSM hosted the annual ISAC competition for Boys Football and Girls Basketball. After a tiring 3 days, BSM once again came out as champions for both divisions. Here are the

Mr Van: An Interview

Last month, Conroy Tan, Seline Kawpeng, and Preston Doll from the Winston team interviewed our new Head of School, Mr. Van der Linde. In the interview, Mr. Van shared his impression of the Philippines, his

Grad Guidance: Xuanlin Tham

Xuanlin Tham served as the Editor-in-Chief of Winston before graduating to the University of Edinburgh in 2018. Now, we catch up with her as she shares how she’s adjusted to university and life in Scotland.

A Guide To Success In Your IGCSEs

Aidan Curran, Abigail Ngan, Amanda Dee, and Gio Ty share their insight on what it’s like taking each of their optional courses, maintaining a balanced academic and social life, and navigating through the IGCSE final exams. Learn from the best, and you’ll ace the test.

Grad Guidance: Maia Siy-Yap

Maia Siy-Yap’s passion for art is unrivalled. At BSM, she designed everything from prom visuals to graduation hoodies. At Winston, she’s known for her revolutionary art direction and self-proclaimed title of “stubborn old lady who refuses to leave.” Today, she revisits us with an insider’s perspective on studying graphic design at Central Saint Martins: her journey to art school, making the jump from art to design and adjusting to the strenuous workload.

‘Break the Box’: Behind the Scenes

The long-awaited TEDx British School Manila event is almost here! Here, President Amanda Dee shares the struggles, triumphs, and wisdom she and the TEDx team found by organizing this unparalleled event. Don’t miss out!

Grad Guidance: Riana Lago

From Cheer Captain to VPA Head, Riana Lago’s done it all. She graduated from BSM in 2018 with a spot on the IB honor roll and is currently a freshman at UC Berkeley. Here, she sheds insight on all that comes with becoming a Bear: making friends, working hard and adjusting to life in a public school.