five last minute DIY halloween costumes

With halloween just around the corner, costumes are a necessity for all ages. Even those with busy schedules should be able to go out and get into the Halloween spirit. Save money and time with these five really simple homemade food-themed costumes. And the best part? All you need are a pair of scissors and five minutes of your time.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’: We Can Do Better

Yet while this aspect of the film can be praised, it also raises the question of whether Crazy Rich Asians aims to celebrate Asians, or convince everyone that we are just like white people. And if the success of Asian representation in mainstream culture is predicated on the “we’re just like you” mentality, will there ever be space for unapologetically Asian stories?


Dress fittings. Hair appointments. Hours searching for the appropriate makeup artist. However, the modern interpretation of the prom is significantly distinct from the notion of it 200-or-so years ago.