Grad Guidance: Maia Siy-Yap

Maia Siy-Yap’s passion for art is unrivalled. At BSM, she designed everything from prom visuals to graduation hoodies. At Winston, she’s known for her revolutionary art direction and self-proclaimed title of “stubborn old lady who refuses to leave.” Today, she revisits us with an insider’s perspective on studying graphic design at Central Saint Martins: her journey to art school, making the jump from art to design and adjusting to the strenuous workload.

‘Break the Box’: Behind the Scenes

The long-awaited TEDx British School Manila event is almost here! Here, President Amanda Dee shares the struggles, triumphs, and wisdom she and the TEDx team found by organizing this unparalleled event. Don’t miss out!

Grad Guidance: Riana Lago

From Cheer Captain to VPA Head, Riana Lago’s done it all. She graduated from BSM in 2018 with a spot on the IB honor roll and is currently a freshman at UC Berkeley. Here, she sheds insight on all that comes with becoming a Bear: making friends, working hard and adjusting to life in a public school.

The Thin Grey Line

On the internet, “cultural appropriation” has become something akin to gunpowder. You can almost never mention it without setting off heated debates on what the term really means or whether something does or doesn’t count as cultural appropriation. It’s not that hard to see why either. The problem, however, is that cultural appropriation isn’t some clear-cut is/isn’t label that can be easily applied to a situation.

Grad Guidance: Mica Tan

Mica Tan graduated from BSM in 2018, as a former Head Girl, with a spot on the varsity basketball team and a position on the honor roll. As a member of Columbia University’s class of 2022, Mica has plenty of insight to share. We caught up with Mica and asked her a few questions about her IB experiences and her daily life in New York.

five last minute DIY halloween costumes

With halloween just around the corner, costumes are a necessity for all ages. Even those with busy schedules should be able to go out and get into the Halloween spirit. Save money and time with these five really simple homemade food-themed costumes. And the best part? All you need are a pair of scissors and five minutes of your time.