‘Crazy Rich Asians’: We Can Do Better

Yet while this aspect of the film can be praised, it also raises the question of whether Crazy Rich Asians aims to celebrate Asians, or convince everyone that we are just like white people. And if the success of Asian representation in mainstream culture is predicated on the “we’re just like you” mentality, will there ever be space for unapologetically Asian stories?

Hello to Halo-Halo!

The Filipino culture and society, being a smorgasbord of cultural influences, is a halo-halo in its own sense. A jumble of elements, textures, and flavours, the drink-sundae hybrid is not only a to-go snack for the summertime but also a perfect representation of the Philippines itself.

Habitat For Humanity: What is it?

You’ve probably encountered the word ‘builds’ at one point, or wrote about what you were grateful for on the Habitat for HumaniTREE, or even ordered a rose and a serenade for your beloved sweetheart in school. But have you ever wondered who was behind all this?


Dress fittings. Hair appointments. Hours searching for the appropriate makeup artist. However, the modern interpretation of the prom is significantly distinct from the notion of it 200-or-so years ago.

In The Limelight: The True Goat

Through basketball, I have learnt the value of respect. I have understood that it’s not just about winning, but more importantly, it’s about how you play the game, the manner in which you carry yourself on and off the court, and how you treat your teammates, opponents, coaches, staff, officials and spectators.